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Our Team

Itzchak Miron ,
Advocate and Notary

Head of the Office
Civil litigation, real estate law, project finance, planning and zoning, liquidations law, commercial law, administrative law, municipal law, partnership associations, trusts and estates and more. In addition, Adv. Miron acts as a highly experienced mediator and has great expertise in resolving disputes in a pleasant manner.

Born in Israel , son of law firm founder the late Eliyahu Miron, attorney at law. Lieutenant Colonel (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces. Holder of law degree with honors from Tel Aviv University, 1972. Admitted to the practice of law in Israel in the year 1974.

Principle Functions/Activities: Member of public committees (such as the Gabbay Committee at which property tax was cancelled); member of the national disciplinary tribunal of the Israeli Bar Association; participates in regional and national land planning (including National Land Plan No. 31, 32 and 35; and Regional Land Plan No. 5). Engages extensively in public activities, including the filing of petitions on matters of fundamental public importance.

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