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Starting in the year 2008, our office has worked in cooperation with the law office of J. Melcer, which was established in 1978 by attorney Chanan Melcer who on August 27, 2007 was appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court. The law office of J. Melcer is active in the areas of constitutional and administrative law, including regulation law, petitions before the High Court of Justice, tenders (including BOT tenders), planning and zoning law, municipal law, communications law and more. Additionally, the office works in cooperation with independent/outside attorneys.

Our attorneys are highly experienced, knowledgeable, proficient and expert in the areas of law practiced by our office.

Available to our clients is a wide team of attorneys, legal interns and an administrative staff that is always ready to provide high quality service, accessible at all times in accordance with the needs of the client, all while maintaining uncompromising professionalism and at the same time an unremittingly close and personal connection with each client.


The office of Miron, Bension & Prywes was founded in the early 1950’s by the late Eliyahu Miron and the late Joshua Bension, attorneys at law. Attorney Eliyahu Miron served as Director of the Ministry of Interior and subsequently served in a number of public functions, including as director at Bank Tefahot and at Bank HaMizrahi.

The office is primarily engaged in the following practice areas: commerce and finance, with emphasis on varying aspects and phases of large construction projects, including planning and zoning, construction agreements, combination transactions, urban renewal and other transactions in the field of real estate. Additionally, the office/firm engages in civil, commercial and financial litigation, a well as in all aspects of corporate law (proprietary limited companies, public benefit companies, partnerships, foundations and associations). During recent years the office has handled highly complex arbitration, large commercial cases, as well as legal proceedings relating to the unilateral disengagement from Gaza. The office also engages in the provision of consulting services for public entities and the provision of civil legal services, as well as arbitration and mediation in various legal fields.